Social Alternatives Advisory Board

Dr Don Alexander Education

Professor Roland Bleiker International relations, peace studies, ethics, peace and security in Korea

Professor Verity Bergmann Labour movement politics and history, new social movements and protest movements, anti-globalisation radicalism, utopianism

Professor Kevin Clements International relations, peace studies

Dr Vicki Crowley Post-colonialism, sexualities

A/Professor Geoff Dow Politics, political theory

Professor Brien Hallett Peace studies, political theory, of war and democracy, congressional war powers, sovereignty, human rights, international law

Professor Ian Lowe Environment, climate change

Professor Brian Martin Peace studies, science and society

Dr Philip Mendes Civic society, medicine and society

Dr Rebecca Spence Peace-building, nonviolence, local governance, international co-operation, sustainability

A/Professor Robyn Stewart Cultural sustainability, arts and education practice, art history and theory, post-colonial studies, visual research methods, contemporary arts, cultural studies, visuality

Professor Frank Stilwell Political economy, economic policies, urban and regional development, economic inequality

Professor Ralph Summy Peace studies, nonviolence

Professor Sue Thomas Education policy, teacher quality, teachers’ professional identity, critical media studies, critical discourse analysis

Professor Elizabeth Webby Australian literature, literature, cinema

Dr Donna Weeks International relations, Australian politics, Japanese politics

Dr Paul Williams Queensland state politics, Australian national politics, election campaigns and the media, political leadership, government-business relations, undergraduate student learning